Before Work


Our consulting service provides know-how on development and decommission projects of subsea cable projects and related operations.


Each project requires planning and for this Lilaco Offshores in-house team provides turn-key solution. Project management, Engineering and Operation planning services are provided to the cable lay and survey projects.

Subsea Surveys

We provide tailored turnkey surveys for cable routes, seabed mapping, subsea structures or a defined area of interest. We provide high quality 3D data of the survey.

Multibeam sonar inspections are made to gather precise depth information and structures of seabed.

Sub-bottom profile is definen by low-frequency boomer and chirp sonars.

Intensity pictures of seabed are made with multibeam and side-scan sonars.

To locate the presence of cables, pipes or UXO (Unexploded Ordnance), a magnetometer survey services can be provided.

For visualization of subsea targets we have a diving and ROV team to make underwater inspections.


We provide services for processes of applying permits for cable lay and removal projects and related operations.

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