Land Works

Shore Ends

Due to the winter ice conditions and heavy storms, a special attention to the sea cables landing points shall be kept in mind. Ice or ice movement and heavy seas can cause a severe damage to cables, Lilaco Offshore is engineering and constructing shore ends with years of experience to meet the hardest standards.

Landing Stations

Landing or termination station, where the sea cable is connected to shore cable, engineering and construction services are provided. In some cases, landing station can be a minimal manhole near the shore and in some cases is can be transformer or telecom facility.

Land Routes 

Engineering and design of land routes after landing stations, taking into account local requirements and restrictions, is part of our know how. We build telecom and power lines on poles or buried in ground.

Other Services

We provide Promare Dynamic Position system and Cable Lay software technical maintenance, development and support services. We are specialized in Marine Warranty Services for cable and other transports and engineering services for stowage and sea fastening calculations.

We have a wide experience in IoT and Mobile network services.

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