Cable ship Telepaatti is specifically designed and equipped for cable lay, cable repair and recovering of old cables. Telepaatti is also cabable for laying smaller range of subsea pipes with S-lay method. The vessel is built for Baltic Sea conditions with DP 1 positioning capability. Smallet draft is 2.5 meters and vessel is also able to beach to from the vessels bottom.

Telepaatti is able to carry maximum 250 tons of cargo which can be placed either in vessel's spacy hold or partly on deck. The vessel has 4-point mooring and anchoring system to assist in most demanding shores. For the cable work the vessel has joint measurement room and cable and datarecording software. Telepaatti can equipped also with a ROV, multibeam and other survey equipment.

Telepaatti has an integrated lay, survey and DP-software which allows cables and pipes to be laid fully automatically. The vessel will automatically follow the "TDP" touch down position alond designed route. The vessel will follow in real time the amount of cable or pipe laid in relationship to the calculated bottom route lengt. This function will ensure that the cable or pipe will follow the curves of the seabed properly to avoid too much slack or freespans.

Telepaatti is also brilliant diving support vessel. The vessel has diving compressor and reserve bottle to refill divers scuba diving bottles. The vessel has 10 pcs of one or two persons cabins and additional 6-persons accommodation container.


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