We are continuously improving and following customer wishes, requirements and needs shall always be the centre of our services. We are carefully following the standards of the business with a critical eye and trying our best to exceed the standards. We contimuously make own reseach and development to improve our methods and placing new standards.


Better working is performed when our greatest asset, workers, are physically and mentally well been. In practise, we have launched several incentive programs for our employees to improve their healt and well-being and the results have been promising. We aim to have the best health cultural working place policy in long-term.


Lilaco Offshore is working accident free workplace basis policy. Safety is important for us, to our employees, their families and to our customers. We shall work always with safety first in our mind. The methods we use, are proven to be safe and reliable and we continuously re-examine our safety plans and risk assessments for each projects and daily routines. We perform daily toolbox meetings to prevent unexpected events and rehearsing routines.


A clean environment is the most precious heritage what we can leave to our children. Our aim is to work always in a way that it is protecting nature and environment the best possible way. Our main traffic area, Baltic Sea is particularly sensitive sea area. Our target is to emit minimum amount of emissions to the environment. We do this by using low emission fuels, biofuels and bio-oils and natural products that are biodegradable. We have been pioneers of sorting all of our wastes that are produced at sea or onshore into waste sorting stations ashore for recycling.

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