About Us


Our story begins already a lot before 1978 but that year was a turning point when C/S Telepaatti was launched as a new-built cable ship for installing and maintaining submarine cables. Since then, we have gained over 40 years of experience of installing and maintaining submarine cable systems. Over the years, we have gained our portfolio to include submarine pipes, surveys, shore-end works and diving works just to name a few. Above all, we have had two things on our minds, to improve our methods continuously and being reliable supplier to respond all the customer needs.

During the decades, the ownership of the business and the name along it, has changed many times. Nevertheless, our team, vessels and equipment have been the same and a lot more. We have been very privileged to be a part of many different organizations and companies. Therefore, we have been able to widen our field of competency to offer almost everything what concerns network construction and maintenance, offshore and onshore. Today, Lilaco Offshore is a privately owned Finnish family company that is very devoted for serving customers with passion and love, by doing what we do best.

Today, we have many partnership agreements with many customers and subcontructors. Our goal is to fulfill all customer needs and we aim to build projects with very tight cooperation with the customer and subcontractors, or more likely what we prefer to call, cooperation partners.



Reference Map

The map below represents some of our reference projects where we have installed new cable systems. We have our pleasure to tell more about our references.


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